Delivering value that can last longer needs more than just products. At Tiki Tar and Shell, we take into account the construction best practices and help you choose the right solution every time. Our team of professionals help you achieve significant benefits in terms of increasing productivity, limiting downtime, lowering cost and providing you with world class products for your project requirements.

Technical assistance

On-site or over the phone, our trained technical representatives are available to help solve your problems, answer queries and provide detailed quality assessment reports for your project requirements

Detailed project assessment

Our field-based engineers are always there to help you suggest the best solutions by doing a complete project analysis, identify areas of improvement and advise potential cost saving for any of your upcoming projects.

Our recommendations

We are equipped with office-based and on-site representatives who can help you identify your bitumen requirements, recommend products and solutions to improve performance and suggest maintenance intervals.

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We can work collaboratively with you to create better results. Discover the various ways we can help you solve challenges and increase your business performance.

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